Hello – Welcome to my autocross site!

Autocross, what is it? Simple, it's a sport which courses are created with traffic cones and cars are timed going around the course, fastest car wins. Really, at it's most basic level that's what it is. Events are held by local regions (such as the one I'm part of - www.scca-cpr.com) and is sanctioned by a main body called the Sports Car Club of America (www.scca.com).

THANK YOU to my current (2017) Sponsors - Ground Control Suspension, EBC Brakes, Velossa Tech Design and Mishimoto! I have a phenomenal suspension setup that has, no doubt, made a difference in the cars handling and predictability as well as fantastic braking which gives me more confidence than ever to push myself and the car to the limits!  See results of the season (1st in class, 4th in PAX) here - www.scca-cpr.com

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